Go For Broke: (informal) risk everything in an all-out effort.

When I sat down to piece all of my work together for the show, it put my time at Fresno State into perspective. Life seems to move at such a fast pace. Taking the time to reflect upon my old works has given me new insight as to where I have come from, not only as a designer but as an individual.

The design world has brought me into contact with so many people and ideas that I would have never explored had I chosen a different path with my education. Design has offered me insight and perspective. My natural inclination to explore ideas and opportunities in the Graphic Design curriculum at Fresno State has challenged me to see things as they might not always be.

Whether or not I will find myself a successful designer, when I reflect upon my life, is yet to be determined. However, I know I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that I am.

For Broke Forever